Ed Davey is the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Ed will make sure that the Liberal Democrats are listening to you and leading the fight for a fairer country. We want you to be part of that fight.

More than 100,000 people are Liberal Democrat members. Help us build a greener, fairer, more caring Britain by joining today.

When something’s broken, Liberal Democrats step up and fix it.

Where we see injustice, we tackle it. We always stand up for what’s right – not just for what’s popular. For 30 years, we’ve challenged poverty, ignorance and conformity. For 30 years, we’ve demanded better for everyone in our country.
From shared values to real change. We’re liberal, progressive, and internationalist.

These values are in short supply in British politics today, but we won’t stop fighting for what’s right.
We turn our beliefs into meaningful action – we led the fight against the Iraq war, we tripled renewable energy production, scrapped mandatory ID cards, legalised same-sex marriage, and fought Brexit every step of the way. 

The power is in your hands

Every single one of our members gets a vote on policy, our leader, and any changes we make to the party.
When members join us from Labour and the Conservatives, they’re amazed at how much power Liberal Democrat members have. No more decisions being steam-rolled by the unions or filthy-rich donors – the shape of our party and policy is up to you. Our members get to introduce and vote on policy, regularly speak to our MPs, president and CEO, and are empowered to make decisions at a local level.