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We have a long and proud history of standing up for what’s right; we are the party that successfully fought for same-sex marriage, gender pay gap reporting and ensured that upskirting was outlawed. But the fight doesn’t stop there, today we are challenging the gender price gap, fighting to prevent another Windrush Scandal and proudly standing up for Trans rights. Diversity and inclusion are right at the heart of our constitution, which you can read here: www.libdems.org.uk/constitution.


I, YAHIYA CHOWDHURY have been living in Portsmouth since 1995 and I am a self-employed business man in real estate.

I am energetic, hardworking, self-motivated with positive attitude, able to work confidently in a team. I have been involved in many local Government issues both in my personal and professional capacities, getting involved with local issues and helping residents with their problems particularly with their housing issues. I would like to get involved in the local community, plan for our next generation to improve their education system, reduce Tuition Fees and Expenses for Higher education, vocational skill, create job opportunity.

I am an EC member of Bangladesh Welfare Association since arriving in Portsmouth, working with the Bangladeshi young people, organizing women’s group to work as a team for the Bangladeshi culture and have worked with others towards achieving community cohesion in Portsmouth city.

I am willing to accept the challenge and responsibility to represent resident’s issues on such things as the bedroom tax and disability living allowance, and to perform accordingly. I want to spend more flexible hours in the community.

I believe that if we all played our part nicely and worked together we would make our world a better place.